Shade Sails

Do you have an outdoor space that gets too much sun to be comfortable in? Does the irregular shape of this space make it impossible to use an awning to shade the area? A custom shade sail can be used to cover these types of outdoor areas, and can be made in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Shade sail installation is becoming more popular for both residential and commercial applications, because of the flexibility they provide as far as the location for your shade. There is no standard size and no standard design. Each one of these projects is a fully custom design, and the size and shape are determined by the needs of the customer and the available attachment points.


These high quality custom sun shade sails are able to be shipped out as a DIY installation, or we can offer turnkey installation services of the entire shade structure. Depending on the layout and the size of the shade sail you are looking for, JCP Awnings can determine how many steel posts and how much poured concrete your project will need, if any. Installing your shade to a suitable location on a house or adjacent tree is also an option, and we can run custom cut lengths of stainless steel cable from the corner of the shade to any usable fixing point. Some customers have opted to have the footings and posts set prior to us getting involved, and that is most certainly a viable course of action as well. We can work in conjunction with you or your contractor to ensure that the placement of the supports needed for your project are in the correct location, and confirm measurements for canvas fabrication after this phase of the project is complete.


The use of the right materials are important regardless of the project, and custom shade sails are no exception to that rule. We use the highest quality commercial grade shade fabrics in construction of our shade sails. Commercial 95 is an industry leader in high density polyethylene mesh. Available in over 15 colors, Commercial 95 is sure to have something available to meet your needs and expectations. We reinforce the perimeter of all the shades with polyester webbing similar to the material that seat belts are made from. This ensures that your shade sail will maintain its shape over time, despite the inherent elasticity of the Commercial 95 shade fabric. All of the hardware, from the triangular brackets sewn into the corners of each shade, to the cable that connects them, to the turnbuckles that keep the tension on the shade, are all marine grade stainless steel and therefore will not rust or weather over time.

Obtaining a Quote

The process of obtaining a quote is always just a phone call or an email away. With a few photos and dimensions, our knowledgeable design professionals can generate a quote for you in hours not weeks. Furthermore, we have the ability to provide sketches and even digital renderings that will allow you to visualize the design of your shade structure easier, and/or submit for approval from municipalities or HOAs. Call today or fill out a Contact Form, and you’ll be on your way to getting a quote on the custom shade system of your dreams. Our reps are standing by to answer any questions you might have, and with over 40 years of experience in creating custom shade solutions, JCP Awnings can help you take your project from concept to reality. Customer service is of the utmost importance so even once your job is in the process of fabrication, we are there to field any calls or emails, and answer any questions that you might have regarding the status of your fabrication or installation.

Customer Feedback

I absolutely could not be happier with my custom shade sail. Keep up the great work, guys!

Craig Willowbrook

Custom Shade Sail Installed, JCP Awnings

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